An introduction to circumcision in little boys

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An introduction to circumcision in little boys

Welcome to the History of Circumcision pages. Why are Canadians abandoning it? When and why did "health" circumcision of boys start, and where? Why and where did it stop? What is the origin of ritual circumcision among certain tribal peoples in the ancient Middle East and Africa?

How the foreskin develops

What is the connection between male circumcision and female genital cutting sometimes called female genital mutilation? When and why did circumcision of boys start in Australia? When did it fall out of fashion?

Why has it nearly disappeared?

Why circumcision is carried out in boys

Aims and scope This is a site devoted to the history of circumcision. Its aim is to provide accurate and reliable information in this controversial area, and to combat myths and misconceptions. On this site Navigation To navigate this site, use the links at the top of the column at the left to take you to the introductory page for each major category; there you will find an outline of the subject and suggestions for further reading and links to the material held on this site.

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To print, bring up a print-formatted page by clicking on the print icon in the top right corner. Introduction An introduction to the various histories of circumcision, particularly the ancient practice of ritual circumcision, and the modern practice of medically rationalised, preventive or "routine" circumcision - identified by Thomas Szasz as marking the birth of the therapeutic state.

There is also an account of the amazing career of the most fanatical of all the Victorian crusaders against the foreskin, the posthephobic Dr Peter Charles Remondino. An important new study in a major European journal takes a historical tour of the various amazing claims that have been made for the harmfulness of a natural bodily secretion called smegma, and provides an answer to one of the most puzzling problems of zoology: Full text available at CIRP.

A French urologist gives a fresh perspective on the history of circumcisionand makes interesting comments on United States practice as a cultural norm rather than a medico-scientific "health" precaution. Translation exclusive to this site. A pediatrician and human rights expert reply to extremists who assert that the African AIDS crisis demands that circumcision be made compulsory.

News RACP defends policy against Sydney Morning Herald and Brian Morris Here you will find odd news items relating to circumcision, not merely its past history, but current events as well, including significant new publications and historical oddities, such as the recent resurfacing of an old story discredited long ago that Louis XVI of France had to get circumcised in order to fulfil his duties as a royal husband.

As Talleyrand said of the Bourbons, in words with remarkable application to circumcision crusaders, "They have learnt nothing and forgotten nothing". In a definitive survey of the evidencea Greek urologist shows that Louis could not possibly have been circumcised.

In Germany, a court finds that circumcision of a minor without consent constitutes unlawful injury.

According to SAMJ, the project is ineffective and unethical. A new book by David Gisselquist argues that because a high proportion of HIV transmission in Africa is the result of non-sterile medical procedures, introducing more surgery in the form of circumcision is not likely to help much.Mar 30,  · There is also a belief that the boy should look like his peers, but according to recent studies, Canada has a % circumcision rate, meaning % of new baby boys are intact.

Currently, Alberta is the highest province with approximately 44% circumcised and .

An introduction to circumcision in little boys

The remarkably high incidence of complications of infant circumcision. Pieretti et al. at the MassGeneral Hospital for Children found (%) out of 8, operations in were for complications resulting from previous neonatal circumcision. (Note that this is the fraction of operations, not circumcisions) and boys with concerns following newborn circumcision .

Numbers "And he shall take holy water in an earthen vessel, and he shall cast a little earth of the pavement of the tabernacle into it.". Circumcision: Guide for parents.

In Australia today circumcision of baby boys is rare, and the uncut penis is the normal thing among young people, but many parents are still anxious about the subject.

Introduction. Although male circumcision has been practiced for centuries for cultural, religious and medical reasons (Auvert et al. ), new attention has been given to this procedure as a potential method of limiting HIV randomised controlled trials of medical circumcision of adult heterosexual men in Africa provided evidence to support a causal role for circumcision in.

The origin of male circumcision is not known with certainty.. It has been variously proposed that it began as a religious sacrifice, as a rite of passage marking a boy's entrance into adulthood, as a form of sympathetic magic to ensure virility or fertility, as a means of reducing sexual pleasure.

History of Circumcision