Biology ocr coursework mitosis

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Biology ocr coursework mitosis

Soem students will achieve a 3rd award of Further Additional Science. Assessment All three science awards include elements of independent study coursework and exams, leading to two or three separate GCSE awards.

Biology ocr coursework mitosis

The module covers genetics, inherited and environmental characteristics, cloning, gene therapy. The module covers; how our bodies fight disease, vaccines and vaccine policies, the heart and circulation B3 Life on Earth.

Biology ocr coursework mitosis

The module covers; food chains, energy transfers, carbon cycle, evolution, natural selection, selective breeding, biodiversity and sustainability. Chemistry C1 Air Quality. The module covers; The evolution of our atmosphere, Pollution and Pollutants, Reducing Pollution, complete and incomplete combustion.

The module covers; natural and synthetic materials, polymers and polymerisation, modifying polymers and nanotechnology. C3 Chemicals in our lives: The module covers; minerals and natural resources, properties, uses and manufacture of salts, alkali production and Life cycle assessments.

Physics P1 The Earth in the Universe. The module covers; space and the Big Bang, geology and continental drift theory, properties of waves. P2 Radiation and life.

The module covers; plant, animal and microbial cell structure, enzymes, aerobic and anaerobic respiration, photosynthesis, diffusion, osmosis and active transport. B5 Growth and development.

The module covers; the development of organisms, mitosis vs meiosis, fertilisation, stem cells, differentiation in plants.

B6 Brain and Mind.

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C5 Chemicals of the Natural environment. The module covers; Chemicals and hazards, neutralisation, percentage yield, relative atomic mass, titrations and factors affecting the rates of reaction.

Physics P4 Explaining Motion. The module covers; forces and motion, motion graphs, momentum, changes in momentum, safety features, work done and energy transferred. The module covers; the muscular and skeletal systems, circulation, learning from ecosystems, fermentation and the developments of modern technologies.

Chemistry C7 Further Chemistry. The module covers; The chemical industry health and safety, green chemistry, alkanes and alkenes, uses and properties of alcohols, exothermic, endothermic reactions and quantitative chemistry Physics P7 Further Physics.

The module covers; Studying the Universe, using lenses and telescopes, behaviour of waves and the life cycle of stars. Students learn the following skills in 6 areas Data:May 01,  · When researching facilities, I found the raycroft biology notes and its components.

And depending on the raycroft biology notes and web usage is practically available in every location, earning your Biology degree online within the raycroft biology notes of your microscope, you go through the raycroft biology notes a capillary blood vessel.

GCSE Biology is the study of living organisms and their structure, life-cycles, adaptations and environment. gateway science suite gcse biology b accredited specification j version 2 may gateway science suite gcse biology b accredited specification. b) Gcse computing coursework answers determine cell division homework #2 inherited magazines of an.

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BIOLOGY 1HR 15 MATHS 1hr GEOGRAPHY 1hr Week 2 Mon 24/4 GEOLOGY 1hr 30 LATIN 1hr 30 Engineering Level 1 PE boards have past paper questions and mark schemes on the websites.

Google AQA, OCR or Edexcel) Revision Cards go towards the overall coursework grad e, focussing on Assessment Objective 3 (AO3) - record ideas, observations and. Biology Coursework 'an Experiment to Test the Effect of Light Intensity on Leaf Growth' Biology Coursework Guide Biology Coursework: an Investigation to Consider the Concentration of a Potato Sap Cell Given Variation of a Concentrated Solution.

Gce human Biology: H F Growth, Development and Disease 5