Choicepoint data breach

By the s, Retail Credit Company was one of the nation's largest credit bureaus, holding files on millions of American and Canadian citizens.

Choicepoint data breach

Oct 13 Experian Sold Consumer Data to ID Theft Service An identity theft service that sold Social Security and drivers license numbers — as well as bank account and credit card data on millions Choicepoint data breach Americans — purchased much of its data from Experian, one of the three major credit bureaus, according to a lengthy investigation by KrebsOnSecurity.

Each SSN search on Superget. I asked readers who may have a clue about the meaning or source of those abbreviations to contact me. In the weeks following that post, I heard from many readers who had guesses and ideas, but none who seemed to have conclusive information.

That changed in the past week. Martin said that several years ago US Info Search and CourtVentures each agreed to grant the other company complete access to its stores of information on US consumers.

According to Martin, the proprietors of Superget.

In reality, Martin said, the individuals apparently responsible for running Superget. For example, Martin said the Secret Service told him that the alleged proprietor of Superget. Experian portrays themselves as the databreach experts, and they sell identity theft protection services.

Our agreement with them was that our information was to be used for fraud prevention and ID verification, and was only to be sold to licensed and credentialed U. Their statement is as follows: As it happens, the Web server address history for superget.

According an indictment unsealed last week by the U. According to court documents, Ngo resided in New Zealand and Vietnam, and operated superget.

Secret Service declined to discuss the case, but a source familiar with the matter said undercover federal agents set up a phony business deal to lure Ngo out of Vietnam and into Guam, an unincorporated territory of the United States in the western Pacific Ocean.

Choicepoint data breach

The source said that Ngo was arrested upon his arrival in Guam and transferred to New Hampshire. There he is currently facing 15 separate criminal charges, including conspiracy to commit identification fraud, aggravated identity theft, and wire fraud, among others.

If convicted on all counts, Ngo could be facing a very lengthy prison sentence. According to a statement on the Ngo case released Oct. Kacavas, the statutory maximum penalties are five years on the identity fraud and identity fraud conspiracy counts; two years each on the aggravated identity theft counts; 20 years on the wire fraud count and wire fraud conspiracy counts; 10 years on the substantive access device fraud count; and five years on the conspiracy to commit access device fraud count.

This incident bears some resemblance to a series of breaches at ChoicePointa data aggregator that acted as a private intelligence service to government and industry.

ChoicePoint was later sued by the U. Last month, KrebsOnSecurity published an exclusive story showing how the proprietors of an identity theft service that competed with superget. Avivah Litana financial fraud analyst with Gartner Inc. Litan said that under 15 U.

Have those efforts been shut down as well? In other words, with big data comes big responsibility. Firms that acquire and maintain large sets of consumer data must be responsible stewards of that information. But she said stronger incentives to push firms to safeguard big data must be in place, and that the FTC has urged Congress to give the agency civil penalty authority against companies that fail to maintain reasonable security.

Their success depends on having more and better data than their rivals. The concern is that their mega-databases may contain highly sensitive information. The risk of improper disclosure of sensitive information is heightened because consumers know nothing about these companies and their practices are invisible to consumers.

The agency also supported legislation to give consumers access to, and a right to dispute or suppress, data held by brokers. FTC Chairwoman Ramirez said the agency also issued subpoenas to nine data brokers, seeking information about the nature and sources of the consumer information the data brokers collect; how they use, maintain, and disseminate the information; and the extent to which they allow consumers to access and correct their information or opt out of having their personal information sold.

The FTC said it expects to issue a report later this year with its findings.Credentialing Requirements. Learn about the requirements necessary to report data to TransUnion.

The credentialing process is intended to ensure compliance with TransUnion business practices and policies as well as applicable laws, rules, regulations, and standards that apply to TransUnion’s businesses.

Breach of Information. In February , ChoicePoint, a corporation that collects and compiles information that includes personal and financial information on millions of consumers, disclosed that it been the victim of a security breach wherein it had sold personal information of almost , people to a criminal enterprise.

Choicepoint data breach

Though a smaller data breach than its predecessors at TJX and ChoicePoint, the musical instrument company (Bananas at Large) was the victim of a hacker, who, according to published reports stole an administrative password by accessing systems as a remote user. The Norton Cybercrime Report reveals that there were million global cybercrime victims who lost $ billion in real money losses and computer time.

This is a lot more compared to the estimated $ billion in revenues from the black markets for cocaine, heroin and illegal drug trades combined.

Data Security Breaches: Context and Incident Summaries [Rita Tehan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Personal data security breaches are being reported with increasing regularity. Within the past few years. An identity theft service that sold Social Security and drivers license numbers — as well as bank account and credit card data on millions of Americans — purchased much of its data from.

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