Connecting rivers india essay

National River Linking Project: We cover the basics including its history, aim, costs and impact on the environment and people in this comprehensive piece. Interlinking of rivers Source:

Connecting rivers india essay

Rivers in Nepal Full marks: There are many small and big rivers. These are the natural gifts for Nepal. It is proved by the fact that Nepal is the second richest country in the world after Brazil in water Connecting rivers india essay.

Most rivers in Nepal originate from the snow clad mountains.

Connecting rivers india essay

Among these rivers in Nepal Koshi, Gandaki, Narayani and Karnali are some of the biggest rivers which flow from the Himalayas all through the year.

Koshi is considered as the largest and Karnali is considered as the longest rivers in Nepal. And many zones of Nepal are named after these rivers.

Rivers are known as the white gold in Nepal. Rivers have been used to generate hydroelectricity. For example, Sunkoshi, Marshyangdi and Trishuli are some of the leading hydroelectricity projects in Nepal.

Since Nepal is an agricultural country, the multipurpose river projects have eased the farmers in the terai and some hilly regions in irrigation and having multiple farming.

Besides, these projects also have helped in the supply of drinking water in many parts of Nepal. Some of the big rivers like Narayani and Kali Gandaki have also provided a good navigation service to facilitate the villagers and the tourists.

Connecting rivers india essay

Another important use of rivers in Nepal is the most famous rafting sport. Mostly Bhote Koshi, Karnali and Trishuli are well known for rafting.

They are helping Nepal to earn a substantial foreign currency which adds to the lions share of the national economy. It is therefore essential for Nepal to value and exploit the potential of these rivers in a sustainable manner. There is no denying the fact that Nepal can sell its electricity to its gigantic neighbours India and China thereby adding a huge foreign currency into the pocket of its budget.

The future of Nepal can be brightened if water resource is utilized well. In this question, our topic has two major words at the focus. They are Rivers and Nepal; therefore we have to show the relationship in between them. Understand the topic well first. On many occasions, students deal with only one part of the topic which makes them deviate from the content thereby resulting in poor performance in tests and exams.

Pay more attention on writing the introducing and the concluding paragraphs. Make these two paragraphs short and specific. Do not end your essay with any negative aspect of the topic.

Always end with a positive note and emphasis. Use connectives wherever necessary, but do not overuse them. Use them most importantly for connecting one paragraph with the other.Is it possible to connect rivers in India? Why or why not? Update Cancel. ad by Truthfinder.

Essay on Linking of Rivers in India

Is it possible to connect rivers from north India to center or south? What are the obstructions? The idea of connecting rivers is very old and not progressed due to apathy and fear.

Here is all what you need to know about the ambitious river. India is a country where a lot depends upon the moods of monsoons.

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This is truer in for the agriculture sector. A large part of the arable land in India is rain fed. If monsoon fails the budget goes haywire Related Articles: Inter-Linking of Rivers – Essay. Interlinking of rivers in India – Advantages & Disadvantages Introduction: Interlinking of Rivers is nothing but joining the rivers of the country by networks of canals and reservoirs.

Geo-Eco-Marina 19/ Dharmendra Mehta, Naveen K. Mehta – Interlinking of Rivers in India: Issues & Challenges environment. Shah et al () layout seven reasons why re- visiting the river linking issue is a good idea.

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Interlinking of rivers has its own pros and cons. Interlinking rivers imply channelising and canalising the river and making them distributed throughout the country in a better network.

It is a long awaited proposal of many of the states to have an appropriate distribution of water to all the states. Mar 08,  · Interlinking of Rivers in India - pros and cons - essay for Civil Services/Groups aspirants India's economy is mainly dependent on agriculture.

Three-fourths of India's economy is dependent on agriculture. 67% of land is covered under agriculture.

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