Employees dissatisfied with jobs writing articles

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Employees dissatisfied with jobs writing articles

The signs and symptoms of dissatisfaction and low morale are often more subtle.


However, there are common trends among unsatisfied employees that indicate you might have a problem that you need to address. Disgruntled employees can negatively affect productivity, morale and the reputation of your company.

employees dissatisfied with jobs writing articles

Attendance Regular tardiness, high absenteeism and long lunch breaks are common among dissatisfied employees and often accompany low productivity.

When other employees have to fill in for absent co-workers, resentment builds and low morale spreads. Attendance problems are sometimes an indication that the employee is dealing with pressing personal issues rather than work issues, so good communication is important for discovering where the problem lies.

Quality of Work Productivity is a good indicator of employee satisfaction. If an employee's quality of work falls off dramatically, it may be an indication of dissatisfaction. It could also be caused by personal issues or problems with co-workers, so it's important to find out the underlying cause.

Regular errors, sloppy work and low productivity are not only signs of an unsatisfied employee, they can affect a company's bottom line. Complaints Inattention to detail and inaccurate work affects customers, clients and co-workers. An increase in customer complaints can point to a problem with a specific employee or groups of employees.

Co-workers may complain about having to deal with the results of poor work done by others. An employee may be facing unrealistic expectations or a high workload, or may need more training. The reasons for complaints should be addressed before the company starts to lose clients.

Attitude A bad attitude can manifest in frequent complaints, arguments and poor customer service. Everyone has an off day now and then, but continual sullenness and outbreaks of temper can affect the whole office. An employee who fails to follow instructions or refuses requests from supervisors is not a happy employee.

employees dissatisfied with jobs writing articles

Sudden changes in appearance and hygiene are symptoms of a negative attitude. Resolve the issues underlying poor attitude immediately before it spreads in the company. Turnover People regularly leave jobs to advance their careers or for personal reasons, but employees leaving in droves may point to a high level of dissatisfaction.

An employee with some seniority in the company suddenly turning in a resignation is often a signal that something is wrong within your organization. Exit interviews are an opportunity to discover why employees are leaving the company and may identify areas in which to improve.

Warning Most unsatisfied employees are unhappy with their jobs for specific reasons, many of which can be addressed. However, in some cases, the signs an unsatisfied employee exhibits may be a precursor to workplace violence.

Train management and staff to recognize some of the warning signs that can lead to violence, such as threats, property destruction, overt hostility and talk of suicide.

Make it clear to employees that such behavior should immediately be reported to management.How to Fire an Employee. If you have a problem with an employee, you have not one but two choices: try to coach them and work with them to improve their performance, or fire them.

Firing an employee can be costly and cause your employee a great deal of emotional and . Sample Essay on Happy Employees Are Productive Employees We do not share your personal information with any company or person.

We have also ensured that the ordering process is secure; you can check the security feature in the browser. The employer results come from respondents whose organizations have at least 25 employees and report that 25 percent or more of their new hires hold either an associate degree from a two-year college or a bachelor’s degree from a four-year college.

Staff Turnover & Motivation. by Ruth Mayhew. Related Articles. The reasons why employees leave their jobs aren't always factored into turnover analyses. Turnover may appear to be high or to occur frequently even though the reasons employees give for leaving are out of your control. Ruth Mayhew has been writing since the mids, and.

Employees who want to move up are simply not likely to stay in jobs where they do not feel that advancement is a possibility. Even if you have a policy that allows and encourages internal promotions, employees are not likely to see advancement as a real opportunity if they don't see the organization making decisions to promote from within.

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