Eras of the chinese government essay

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Eras of the chinese government essay

He undertook many domestic reforms that changed the course of Han history and for subsequent eras. His foreign policy and wars resulted in Chinese expansion to unprecedented heights and opened up international trade and contacts between China and the rest of the ancient Eurasian world.

The event inaugurated an era of active government at home and expansion abroad. Until his reign the Han government had focused on light taxes and laissez-faire domestic policies to promote economic growth.

Eras of the chinese government essay

Appeasement, however, did not end Xiongnu raids. Wars And Expansion After b. China would take the offensive. With a large population, ample resources, and a brimming treasury Wudi initiated all-out war against the Xiongnu.

Zhang failed to recruit the Yuezhi when he finally found them settled in modern Afghanistan, but the report of his travels motivated the emperor to pursue expansion into Central Asia for allies and trade. Emperor Wu never personally campaigned but was served by talented and ambitious generals, some of whom were related to his empresses or consorts.

All three earned fame in defeating the Xiongnu. Chinese forces retook lands south of the Yellow River; it was followed by several large expeditions resulting in the surrender of one Xiongnu king with a large number of his tribesmen. Commanderies and dependent states were established in the conquered areas, Chinese colonists were settled on some of the land, and tribal people were brought under Chinese authority.

Major campaigns against the Xiongnu came to a halt in b. Wudi presided over a victory parade north of the Great Wall of China in which 12 generals andcavalry troops took part.

He lavishly rewarded victorious officers and men and punished generals who failed. The Great Wall was expanded to the Jade Gate in the northwest, and garrisons were stationed along strategic points to deal with sudden raids, to prevent Chinese deserters from joining the Xiongnu, and to protect trade along the newly opened up Silk Road.

These measures ended the Xiongnu stranglehold on Chinese trade with lands to the west.

Eras of the chinese government essay

Chinese power focused on maintaining friendly relations with tribes and oasis states across Central Asia that were hostile to the Xiongnu, enrolling them as vassal states.

Rulers of vassal states sent tribute and their sons to China for education and as hostages. They received in return lavish gifts and trade privileges and occasionally a Han princess in marriage.

The major obstacles to expansion to the south were terrain and climate. Between and b. Han forces totalingmen subdued the Nanyue Nan-yueh along the southern coast to the Red River valley.

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The lands annexed as a result formed nine commanderies across modern Guangdong KuangtungGuangxi KuanghsiYunnan, Sichuan, and Hainan Provinces, and northern Vietnam.China is one of the largest countires in the world and the most populated.

China is a communist country that holds many different beliefs and values then our own free country, the United States of America. This communist country is very restricted and government controlled.

. The Chinese banking system is said to be undergoing some tremendous change in the wake of the emergence of China as a major player in the global economy. This is so after several years of state ownership and communism that was so prevalent in the country.

The Chinese government, at various levels, strives to accelerate the urbanization process through city expansion and lowering the threshold for farmers to move into cities. Although urbanization is an inevitable consequence of modern economic development, this process has shown signs of "overheating.".

Chinese History: Foundations Era-Early Modern Era Dynasty. Even though the Manchus started out as alien conquerors, they quickly adopted the Confucian norms of traditional Chinese government and eventually ruled in the manner of traditional native dynasties.

Chinese History: Foundations Era-Early Modern Era Dynasty. Even though the Manchus started out as alien conquerors, they quickly adopted the Confucian norms of traditional Chinese government and eventually ruled in the manner of traditional native dynasties. Filial piety is not only the guiding principle of Chinese ethics but it also played an affirmative role in determining the Chinese lifestyle; it was practiced daily in the family and in other areas such as education, religion and government. The song dynasty government. The Song dynasty lasted over years, from to Their history is divided into two periods of Northern and Southern Song. The Song period was one of China's most peaceful and prosperous era. However the Song government was corrupt and weak.

Warlord Era In China Essay Although the warlord era in China officially lasted only a decade, its roots went back to the late Qing (Ch’ing) dynasty, and it persisted after A warlord, junfa (chun-fa) in Chinese, was a military leader with a personal army ruling autonomously over a region.

Government and Economics in China - Introduction China is one of the most populous countries of the world with over billion people and covering a geographical area of about million square kilometres.

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