Marketing: consumer behaviour essay

Consumer Behaviour Consumer Behaviour Perusal of the literature shows that a broad frame of reference for pricing and availability is not adequately developed in the context of study. These studies have focused on few aspects of consumer behaviour with differing perspective. Although researchers agree that the study of understanding contrasting factors defining buying behaviour in rural viz.

Marketing: consumer behaviour essay

The consumer decision making process as it relates to a consumer who is replacing their laptop. Understanding consumer behaviour is essential to succeed in business. As Solomon et al. By identifying and understanding the factors that influences their customers, firms have the opportunity to develop a more efficient strategy, marketing message and advertising campaigns that is more in line with the needs and ways of thinking of their target consumers Perreau, The targeted consumer has been identified as a recent retiree who is in her early 60s.

Marketing: consumer behaviour essay

This customer has just broken her laptop which was given to her as a gift from her daughter, four years ago and is looking for a replacement. As she is not in tune with the latest technology developments and vast option available for her, she does not know which option will best suit her.

Additionally due to this she would prefer a device with simplicity, ease of use but also longevity. This report will examine the decision making process in depth, analysing elements such as; characteristics that affect this consumer behaviour, types of buying decisions, component of decision making process and conclude with marketing recommendations.

The Characteristics that Affect Consumer Behaviour.

There are four different factors all which play a crucial role in determining the action of consumers. It is important that marketers understand these affecting characteristics as they can determine the difference between buying or not.

Figure 1, Factors influencing consumer behaviour. Data collected 11am on 9th March Especially as this consumer does not have the same level of knowledge, ownership and interest in technology. Davis report shows seniors in similar situations tends to rely on younger generations for advice, education and help in this area as they would have grew up exposed to this era.

The Types of Consumer Buying Decisions. Figure 2 shows the four different categories and how they are each classified. Depending on how involved the consumer is with the purchase and how significant the difference is between the brands available, a buying decision can be classified as complex, variety-seeking, dissonance-reducing and habitual.

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Figure 2 Four types of buying decision behavior. This is due to the fact that the product is expensive and the consumer will need to be highly involved with the purchase.

As there is a wide range of options available with significant differences among each brand, this purchasing decision will take a long time especially because the consumer has much to learn regarding the product category.

There is also a high risk associated with this purchase as she particularly wants a product with simplicity but with great quality and longevity. She will be required to spend an extensive period of time evaluating the different options available which according to keynote market report of the UK market, is a vast range including personal computers, laptops, notebooks and tablets computers.

The Components of the Decision-Making Process. The need can be triggered by internal or external stimuli. Armstrong and Kotler, This stage is usually one of the longest processes as information can be gathered from a range of different sources.

This is certainly the case for this customer as she is not familiar with the advancement in technology she starts with her personal source which is usually the most effective and influential and draws on the opinions and experiences of younger friends and family members.

This consumer particularly required a device that is of ease of use but can still perform all basic roles of a laptop. An affordable option is also vital as she is now a retiree but will be using her savings for this purchase. She also wanted a reliable brand that will be durable and last the upcoming years.

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This could generally be the buyer most preferred brand but two factors can come in between these processes, the attitude of others and an unexpected situational factor.Free Essay: 0 Marketing and Consumer Behaviour – Dealing with Market Trends Consumer behavior is defined as the mental and emotional process along with the.

Consumer response is the ultimate test of whether a marketing strategy will succeed. Thus, knowledge about customers should be incorporated into every facet of a successful marketing plan. In order to understand why customers react the way they do, the following behavioural sciences have to .

Ultimately, conclusions will be drawn in which effective marketing is directly affected by consumer behaviour, and more effective means of communication and consumer encouragement are the direct result of cognitive stimuli.

In his empirical analysis of consumer behaviour and its affectation by marketing initiatives, Foxall () argues that marketing interventions provide reinforcement of the anticipated result or features of a given product while simultaneously modifying the scope of consumer settings (i.e.

purchase intent, brand loyalty, etc.). About The Consumer Behaviour Marketing Essay Introduction All consumers visiting the stores to shop are unique in themselves; they have varied needs and wants that differ from one another and also have different patterns & behaviour of consuming things.

Marketing: consumer behaviour essay

Consumer behaviour is a term that refers to a) Organizational and institutional buying behaviour b) Organizational and consumer buying behaviour c) Commercial and government buying behaviour d) Individual and/or household buying behaviour 2.