Poultry business plan in ethiopia

Archaeological evidence for trade, probably involving barter systems, dates back more than 10, years.

Poultry business plan in ethiopia

More meat, more feed — How entrepreneurs can exploit the huge market for animal feed in Africa More meat, more feed — How entrepreneurs can poultry business plan in ethiopia the huge market for animal feed in Africa View Larger Image Did you know the animal feed supply business in Africa holds great potentials for the continent?

Did you know that most farmers often spend up to 70 percent of their costs on animal feed alone? The small amounts produced locally are not enough and the African market now depends heavily on imported feed from the USA, Europe, Brazil and China. To avoid global hunger, the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation FAO estimates that the world will have to produce up to 60 percent more food by With the highest birth rate on civilized earth, Africa has the fastest growing population anywhere in the world!

Meat and fish are the most common animal proteins in African diets. Livestock farming is starting to boom on the continent due to government support and efforts of farmers and businessmen to make money from the lucrative demand for meat and fish products.

This growing livestock market has in turn created a huge demand for animal feed. Because animal feed production on the continent is very low, suppliers from the USA, Europe, Brazil and China currently dominate the African market.

It is the single largest cost any farmer or agribusiness owner will incur to produce market-ready animals, no matter the type.


The table below shows the most common animals bred for meat in Africa and their Feed Conversion Ratios how much feed they need to consume to produce one kilogram of meat.

As a result of the huge demand for animal feed, nearly one billion tonnes of compound animal feed is produced in the world every year. This trade, which involves commercial production and sale of animal feed products takes place in more than countries and directly employs over million skilled workers, technicians, managers and professionals around the world.

International Feed Industry Federation. We have established the existence of a huge and growing demand for animal feed by livestock farmers who want to produce and supply meat to the local market.

We have also established that Africa as a whole is producing very little feed at the moment compared to the rest of the world. The way it is, there appears to be only two options to satisfy the domestic need for animal feed — manufacture locally or import from foreign suppliers.

We shall take a close look at these options which have the potential to provide a lot of lucrative opportunities for African entrepreneurs. These are feeds made from a blend of raw materials and additives.

poultry business plan in ethiopia

Compound feeds can be finished feed which can be fed directly to animals, concentrates that provide a part of the ration protein or energy only or supplements which only provide additional micronutrients, such as minerals and vitamins.

Option 1 — Manufacture animal feed locally Most African countries have a rich supply of the essential raw materials used in the manufacture of animal feed. These ingredients include feed grains like millet, soybean and corncassava chipsgroundnuts, oilseed mill products, meat and fish formulas and special ingredients like dried coffee residues, dried citrus fruit pulp, orange rinds, as well as nutritionally-enhanced meals.A largely residential, four-year teaching and research university, college located in Nacogdoches, Texas.

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poultry business plan in ethiopia

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