Related literature on english proficiency

Suelto When can we consider that one is proficient in English? What skills must a student develop to become one? English proficiency does not mean the ability to read the textbooks in school or order a food in a foreign restaurant. Students have to read, write, speak and comprehend English within academic settings.

Related literature on english proficiency

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Licencing Abstract This is a descriptive research of a correlation type where students were sampled from a college of education to find out the relationship between proficiency in English language and academic performance among students of science and technical education.

Findings revealed that there is correlation between proficiency in English language and academic performance of students in science and technical education; students in technical education performed better than their counterpart in science education; students who passed English language performed better than those who failed both in science and technical education.

Some recommendations were suggested at the end of the study. Introduction The importance of English language for enhancing educational attainment through improved communication ability can never be over emphasized.

Students who have so much difficulties with their communication skill in English language may not function effectively, not only in English language but in their academic and this is no reason than the fact that English language in Nigeria today is the language of text-books and the language of instruction in schools.

Nevertheless, where the proficiency in English is lacking in any academic setting, it will definitely lower the academic performance of such students.

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Technical Education is an aspect of education, which leads to the acquisition of practical, basic scientific knowledge which involves special manipulative skills, creative minds, and attitudes relating to occupations in various sectors of the economic and social life 1219 The mind set is that the individual is trained to be self reliant, and well productive.

The 12 views technical education to be further understood as a an integral part of general education, b a means of preparing for occupational fields and for effective participation in the world of work; c an aspect of lifelong learning and a preparation for responsible citizenship; d an instrument for promoting environmentally sound sustainable development; e a method of alleviating poverty.

However, this cannot be achieved without properly understanding the language of communication and instruction in school.

Related literature on english proficiency

Students trained in both science and technical education programme require English language to properly understand the contents of the programme, which in turn will improve the academic understanding of the student. Science education is the study of biology, chemistry or physics in conjunction with the principle and method of education to be able to share scientific processes and content with those who are not traditionally in scientific community 4.

To this effect, good language competence in English language may be a positive predictive validity variable on the performance of students on intelligence test.

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Thus, language inefficiency invariably leads to poor academic performance 8 No wonder why today according to 16 much emphasis is placed on passing of English language at credit or distinction level in addition to other subjects to enable any candidates gain admission into any Nigeria Higher Institution of learning.

English language is very important to any course in Nigeria educational system especially Science and Technical Education courses.

Related literature on english proficiency

One could thus inferred from the fore-going that anyone who can read English can keep in touch with the whole world without leaving his own house 5 which no doubt have positive impact on academic performance of students in all fields.

No wonder why 6 firmly stated that if under sentimental urge, we give up English; we will cut ourselves off from knowledge.

This is a correlation type because correlation is very important in educational studies as argued by 3. For easy analysis the data was divided into five groups which are: General group for both science and technical education 2.

Science education group who failed English language 3. Science education group who passed English language 4. Technical education group who failed English language 5. Technical education group who passed English language With the exception of group 1 that has 60 students; all other groups contains 15 students each in the group.

Permission was sought from the heads of various concerned departments in the College to collect student scores in science and technical courses from the College examination units. Statistical analysis found suitable for this study are Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient and t-test because Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient is used to determine the degree of relationship between two sets of variables 21 ; this could also be supported by 24 that, correlation coefficient method is used to compute the strength of association between variables.

Specifically, the following research questions will guide the study: Research Hypotheses Two null hypotheses that will be tested are: There is no significant difference in performance of students who failed English language and those who passed in science subject H There is no significant difference in performance of students who failed English language and those who passed in technical subject 3.

Correlation between English language and Science Download as.I, for example, can’t speak in English all day because I scarcely do it during oral literature exams with my teacher so I spend my time reading books, listening to music (and that, I can assure you, helps a lot!), watching Tv series, BBC and CNN.

English language learning and English proficiency have been investigated in this study. This chapter provides a review of literature and related studies in three areas. essay and definition concerning human understanding an essay on food save water. descriptive essay writing topics beach strategies writing essay leadership we do your essay exist essay winner zodiac sign start write essay perfect cloud computing security essay.

English Language in Junior Secondary Certificate Examination in Western Nigeria David Adebayo Oluwole as a stepping-stone for proficiency in other school that English language and literature achievements by Nigerian Junior Secondary School Students is very poor (Ivowi, et .

Related studies include various researches, thesis, or studies related to the present investigation. Foreign Literature Bernhardt (32) believes that is important to recognize that second language reading is a new and different literacy.

The English Proficiency, Language Preference, and Combined Scales were associated with other covariates in the same direction as the items comprising these scales; for instance, the English Proficiency Scale was positively associated with years in the United States and education and negatively associated with social desirability and self-rated health.

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