Respect and freedom

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Respect and freedom

A pdf version http: That anomaly was the punctuation in the Second Militia Amendment. This led to a change of Respect and freedom in the research, thinking that the significance between what kept occurring, then, versus what we see, now, might be worth a very thorough review of what was correct ratified and what the intention of Respect and freedom Framers was.

When such a project is laid before me, it is often years of research and hundreds of hours, as this is more a pastime than a vocation. It is my contribution to my country and my posterity.

The research, performed partially by me and partially by a friend, Brian March, whose hobby has been the review of historical works. Together, we have reviewed documentation from toamounting to books, records, and documents.

Some were not conclusive, though are conclusive and are accounted for in this treatise, and will be identified thoroughly in Part 2 of this article, to be published later. It is my fervent hope that this work will result in a correction of the record of what has been passed off as the Second Amendment for the past century.

And that that record be replaced with the intention of the Framers and those who ratified that amendment. Every since off and on as my money, career and several disabilities would allowmy eyes were opened to the some truths. I knew if what the Article professed I did not agree with all the possibilitiesand re-recognized and enforced this would be the key to unlock the actual Republic of the USA.

So I tracked David and Tom down and from —we did as much research as my above parameters would allow. We went to many Universities and several reoccurring visits to State and Federal Archives as well as the Library of Congress, anywhere we could gather evidence to prove what was real inis real today.

Unfortunately, my money ran out and my other issues stopped me from researching. But way before all was gone, I had discovered another Amendment that was unlawfully changed. As David, Tom, and I stopped researching their discovery, other people picked up and ran with it.

My research was turned into a hobby beginning of After several years I realized that I would not be able to do much more so I gave up most of the documented copies and Books, from what David, Tom and I had found, to a person I believed I could trust with same.

Unfortunately those are now lost. The 2nd Amendment items that I had found I kept. I have continued to collect old records, as a hobby and pastime. A little here and a little there I would keep on finding items on this Amendment, which was confirming my theory.

So, I talked to Gary, about three years ago on exposing some facts about the ratification of the 2nd Amendment. Gary said yes and for his organizational, computer, and writing skills, and Gary having the Patience of Job, with me and my disabilities.

This and exposing facts about the ratification of other Amendments are going to come. However, without Gary Hunt they would have no chance of this being accomplished.

Also, various on line resources, especially Google Books, from which hundreds of historical publications can be found. Special thanks to the members of the Team names withheld that has been a source of many hours of input, review, proofreading, and other assistance, in the preparation of this article, and many before it.

A basic historical and grammatical analysis of the Second Amendment This is the full, erroneous, text of the Second Amendment Complete Second Amendment text, as ratified. However, it could be argued that the confusion is only an emotional one.

The Second Amendment is a compound sentence with an independent clause preceded by two modifying dependent clauses. People that argue the second amendment protects gun ownership usually ignore this fundamental point.

Paraphrased, the second amendment modifies the keeping of arms with regulation through compelled discipline and training. Why do we need a well-regulated militia? Well regulated gun ownership the security of the free states is the only function for which well-regulated gun is guaranteed.

To paraphrase, the first two, modifying clauses establish that a well-regulated and trained militia that is necessary for the security and freedom of the states.

I used to think it meant the body of politics.

Respect and freedom

It is to approve and sanction, not to modify. If it is modified, it is no longer the same as it was when ratified. The House of Representatives presented to the Senate seventeen proposed amendments.Respect is a critical piece in family relationships whether, as you pointed out, one includes that within the definition of love or sees it as an separate feature.

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